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Download A Textbook of Strength of Materials by RK Rajput for Free

Strength of materials, Fifth edition by RK Rajput, PDF, was published in 2015 and uploaded for 300-level Engineering students of Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO), offering ENG305 course. This ebook can be downloaded for FREE online on this page. Strength of materials, Fifth edition ebook can be used to learn stress, strain, centroid, inertia, bending moment, shear force, deflection of beams, fixed beam, continous beam, thin shells, joint, shafts, spring, column, struts.

R K Rajput Strength Of Materials Book Download


Topics : strength Of Materials, Simple stress, simple strain, Elastic materials, Hooke's law, Modulus of elasticity, Young's modulus, Brittle materials, Poisson's ratio, Shear stress, Modulus of rigidity, Double shear, Temperature stresses, Compound bar, Cantilever beams, Simple beams, Shear force, bending moment, Shear force diagram, bending moment diagram, Torsion, Crystalline structure, Metals crystalline structure, Atomic bonding, crystal structure, Body-centered cubic structure, Face-centered cubic structure, Hexagonal close-packed structure, grain structure, grain boundary, polymorphism, Slope of beams, deflection of beams, Fatigue, creep, Fracture, Creep test, Fracture mechanics, Linear fracture mechanics, Griffith's fracture criterion

Topics : Reinforced Concrete Design, Design processes, composite action, stress-strain relations, shrinkage, thermal movement, creep, materials specification, Limit state design, Characteristics material strengths, Combination of actions, Load combinations, Beams analysis, Frames Analysis, Shear wall structures resisting horizontal loads, Moments redistribution, Rectangular-parabolic stress block, Triangular stress block, Shear, bond, Torsion, Anchorage bond, span-effective depth ratio, deflection calculation, flexural cracking, Thermal cracking, Shrinkage cracking, Reinforced concrete beams design, Reinforced concrete slabs design, Column design, column classification, slender column design, Foundations design, Retaining walls design, Prestressed concrete, Water-retaining structures, composite construction, Footings, Reinforcement details, Shear connector design

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