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Get All DLCs for Capitalism Lab with One Click

Capitalism Lab: The Ultimate Business Simulation Game

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a business tycoon and building a sprawling business empire covering retailing, manufacturing, agricultural business, mining, real estate, media, and stock trading? If so, you might want to check out Capitalism Lab, the latest version in the Capitalism business simulation game series.

capitalism lab all dlc download

Capitalism Lab is the successor to the award-winning Capitalism 2 with tons of new features, offering an exciting journey into the world of big business. You become a corporate CEO and face real-world challenges as you make critical business decisions in all areas including retail, manufacturing, marketing, research, agriculture, mining, real estate development, and more. You can also hire and fire upper management positions such as Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Technical Officer.

Capitalism Lab is not only a fun game but also a great learning tool. It simulates the economic system with a high level of realism, including inflation, macroeconomic factors, consumer behavior, market competition, product quality, brand loyalty, technological innovation, political events, environmental issues, and more. You can learn how to run a successful business in various industries and scenarios, as well as how to deal with various challenges and opportunities in the dynamic business environment.

But that's not all. Capitalism Lab also offers you amazing downloadable content (DLC) that adds even more features and content to the game. With these DLCs, you can expand your business to new heights with multiple subsidiary companies, build new cities from scratch and shape public policy as an entrepreneurial mayor, build a tech startup at the dawn of the digital age and join the ranks of tech titans such as Microsoft and Google, enter the lucrative banking and finance industry and trade stocks and bonds, and try out the latest innovations before they are released in official DLCs.

If you are interested in playing Capitalism Lab and its DLCs, here is how you can download them and what they offer.

How to Download Capitalism Lab and Its DLCs

Downloading the Release Version and the Post-Release Beta Version

To download Capitalism Lab, you need to have a registered account to play. If you would like to buy the game, please click . Once you have purchased the game, you will receive an email with your account information and a link to download the installer file.

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The installer file will install the release version of Capitalism Lab on your computer. The release version is stable and contains all the features that have been tested and approved by the developers. For more info about the improvements in the latest release version, please read .

To download the post-release beta version, you need to have the release version installed on your computer first. Then, you can download the post-release beta patch file from .

Downloading the User-Created MODs

Another way to enhance your Capitalism Lab experience is to download the user-created MODs. MODs are modifications or additions to the game that are created by other players using the built-in MOD tools. You can find various kinds of MODs, such as new scenarios, new products, new logos, new buildings, new maps, new music, and more.

To download the user-created MODs, you need to visit and browse through the categories of MODs. You can also use the search function to find a specific MOD by name or keyword. Once you have found a MOD that you like, you can click on the download button and save the file to your computer.

To install the user-created MODs, you need to unzip the file and copy the contents to the corresponding folder in your Capitalism Lab directory. For example, if you downloaded a scenario MOD, you need to copy the files to the Scenarios folder. If you downloaded a product MOD, you need to copy the files to the Products folder. And so on.

To play with the user-created MODs, you need to launch Capitalism Lab and go to the Options menu. Then, you need to enable or disable the MODs that you want to use by checking or unchecking the boxes next to their names. You can also adjust the order of loading for some MODs by using the up and down arrows. Once you have selected your preferred MODs, you can start a new game or load an existing game and enjoy the new content.

What are the DLCs for Capitalism Lab and What Do They Offer?

Subsidiary DLC: Expand Your Business Empire with Multiple Companies

The Subsidiary DLC is one of the most popular DLCs for Capitalism Lab. It allows you to create and manage multiple subsidiary companies under your parent company. You can assign different roles and responsibilities to each subsidiary company, such as focusing on a specific product line, market segment, geographic region, or business function. You can also transfer funds, assets, products, and technologies between your subsidiary companies.

The Subsidiary DLC adds a new layer of complexity and challenge to Capitalism Lab. You need to balance the autonomy and control of your subsidiary companies, as well as their cooperation and competition. You also need to deal with various issues such as corporate governance, taxation, regulation, diversification, synergy, and more.

The Subsidiary DLC also adds some new features and content to Capitalism Lab, such as:

  • New scenarios that test your skills in managing multiple companies.

  • New products that are exclusive to certain subsidiary companies.

  • New buildings that are designed for subsidiary companies.

  • New logos that represent your subsidiary companies.

  • New reports that show detailed information about your subsidiary companies.

  • New options that allow you to customize your subsidiary companies.

To download the Subsidiary DLC, you need to have Capitalism Lab installed on your computer first. Then, you can buy the DLC from and receive an email with a link to download the installer file. The installer file will install the Subsidiary DLC on your computer and update your game accordingly. City Economic Simulation DLC: Become an Entrepreneurial Mayor and Shape Public Policy

The City Economic Simulation DLC is another exciting DLC for Capitalism Lab. It allows you to create and manage your own city from scratch and shape its economic development and public policy. You can design the layout of your city, build various infrastructure and facilities, attract businesses and residents, set taxes and regulations, provide public services and amenities, and deal with various challenges such as traffic, pollution, crime, and more.

The City Economic Simulation DLC adds a new dimension of realism and immersion to Capitalism Lab. You can see the impact of your business decisions on the city and its people, as well as the impact of the city's policies on your business. You can also interact with other players' cities and trade with them or compete with them.

The City Economic Simulation DLC also adds some new features and content to Capitalism Lab, such as:

  • New scenarios that test your skills in building and managing a city.

  • New products that are related to the city's industries and sectors.

  • New buildings that are specific to the city's infrastructure and facilities.

  • New logos that represent the city's identity and culture.

  • New reports that show detailed information about the city's economy and society.

  • New options that allow you to customize your city's settings and policies.

To download the City Economic Simulation DLC, you need to have Capitalism Lab installed on your computer first. Then, you can buy the DLC from and receive an email with a link to download the installer file. The installer file will install the City

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