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Baldi 39;s Basics Classic

Baldi's Basics Classic: A Meta Horror Game That Parodies 90's Edutainment

Do you remember those cheap and cheesy educational games from the 90s that were supposed to teach you math, spelling, or geography? Well, what if one of those games turned out to be a twisted and terrifying nightmare where you have to escape from a creepy teacher who chases you with a ruler? That's the premise of Baldi's Basics Classic, a survival horror stealth game that parodies 90's edutainment and never takes itself too seriously. In this article, we'll explore what Baldi's Basics Classic is, why it's popular, and how to play it.

baldi 39;s basics classic

What is Baldi's Basics Classic?

Baldi's Basics Classic is a game created by Basically Games, an indie developer who was inspired by creepy and bad edutainment games from the 90s. The game was originally made for a game jam in 2018, but it became viral and spawned a series of sequels, spin-offs, and fan-made mods. The game has no real educational value to be found, but it does have a lot of weirdness, humor, and horror.

The premise and the goal of the game

The game starts with a friendly introduction from Baldi, a bald teacher who welcomes you to his schoolhouse. He asks you to collect seven notebooks that are scattered around the school, each containing three math problems that you have to solve. Sounds easy, right? Well, not quite. The first two problems are simple enough, but the third one is always impossible to solve, no matter what you do. And when you get it wrong, Baldi gets angry and starts chasing you with his ruler. He can hear every sound you make, so you have to be stealthy and strategic to avoid him. The goal of the game is to collect all seven notebooks and then escape the school before Baldi catches you.

The characters and the items

But Baldi is not the only obstacle you'll face in your quest. There are also other characters who roam around the school, each with their own quirks and behaviors. Some of them can help you, some of them can hinder you, and some of them can do both. For example, there's Playtime, a girl who wants to play jump rope with you and forces you to jump five times before letting you go. There's Principal of the Thing, a strict authority figure who sends you to detention if he sees you breaking any rules. There's Arts and Crafters, a sock puppet who gets jealous if you collect more notebooks than him and teleports you to Baldi if he sees you. And there are many more.

Luckily, you also have some items that you can find and use to your advantage. These items can be found in classrooms, lockers, or vending machines. They can help you distract Baldi, slow him down, or escape from him. For example, there's a B-Soda that can spray Baldi away from you. There's a quarter that can buy you something from the vending machine. There's a cassette tape that can make loud noises and confuse Baldi. And there are many more.

The styles and the modes

Baldi's Basics Classic has three styles that you can choose from: Classic Style, Party Style, and Demo Style. Classic Style is the original game that was made for the game jam. Party Style is a variation of the original game that wraps all the items up and shuffles them around. Demo Style is a a preview of the upcoming full game that has new features and mechanics. You can also choose from four modes: Story Mode, Endless Mode, Challenge Mode, and Custom Mode. Story Mode is the main mode where you have to collect notebooks and escape. Endless Mode is a mode where you have to collect as many notebooks as possible without getting caught. Challenge Mode is a mode where you have to complete a specific task or scenario. Custom Mode is a mode where you can customize the game settings and characters to your liking.

Why is Baldi's Basics Classic popular?

Baldi's Basics Classic is a game that has gained a lot of popularity and attention since its release. It has been played by millions of people around the world, including famous YouTubers and streamers. It has also received positive reviews and ratings from critics and fans alike. But what makes Baldi's Basics Classic so appealing and enjoyable? Here are some possible reasons:

The nostalgia factor

One of the reasons why Baldi's Basics Classic is popular is because it taps into the nostalgia of many people who grew up with 90's edutainment games. The game intentionally mimics the low-quality graphics, sounds, and animations of those games, creating a contrast between the innocent and educational appearance and the dark and scary reality. The game also references and parodies many elements from those games, such as the math problems, the characters, and the messages. For many people, Baldi's Basics Classic is a trip down memory lane, but with a twist.

The humor and the absurdity

Another reason why Baldi's Basics Classic is popular is because it has a lot of humor and absurdity that make it fun and entertaining. The game does not take itself seriously at all, and it constantly breaks the fourth wall and makes jokes about itself and the genre. The game also has a lot of weirdness and randomness that make it unpredictable and surprising. The game features many bizarre characters, items, events, and dialogues that make it hilarious and amusing. For many people, Baldi's Basics Classic is a game that makes them laugh and smile.

The challenge and the replay value

A third reason why Baldi's Basics Classic is popular is because it has a lot of challenge and replay value that make it addictive and satisfying. The game is not easy to beat, as Baldi gets faster and smarter as you progress, and the other characters can interfere with your plans. The game also has a lot of variation and customization that make it different every time you play. The game features different styles, modes, difficulties, items, characters, and endings that make it diverse and interesting. For many people, Baldi's Basics Classic is a game that makes them want to play more and improve their skills.

How to play Baldi's Basics Classic?

Now that you know what Baldi's Basics Classic is and why it's popular, you might be wondering how to play it yourself. Well, don't worry, we've got you covered. Here are some basic steps on how to play Baldi's Basics Classic:

Downloading and installing the game

The first step is to download and install the game on your device. Baldi's Basics Classic is available for free on various platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and web browsers. You can find the official download links on the developer's website or on other platforms like or Game Jolt. Once you have downloaded the game file, you can extract it and run it on your device.

Choosing a style and a mode

The next step is to choose a style and a mode for your game session. As mentioned before, there are three styles: Classic Style, Party Style, and Demo Style. Each style has its own features and differences that affect the gameplay. You can choose whichever style you prefer or try them all out. After choosing a style, you can also choose a mode: Story Mode, Endless Mode, Challenge Mode, or Custom Mode. Each mode has its own objectives and rules that affect the gameplay. You can choose whichever mode you like or challenge yourself with different modes.

Collecting notebooks and avoiding Baldi

The main step is to collect notebooks and avoid Baldi in your chosen style and mode. You can use your mouse to look around and interact with objects, your keyboard to move around and use items, and your spacebar to pause the game or access the menu. You can also adjust the volume, sensitivity, graphics quality, controls, language, and other settings in the options menu. As you explore the school, you will find notebooks in different classrooms. You have to click on them and solve three math problems each. The first two are easy, but the third one is impossible. You have to type something anyway and press enter. Every time you get a problem wrong, Baldi will get angrier and faster. He will chase you with his ruler and try to catch you. You have to run away from him and hide in lockers, classrooms, or other places. You also have to watch out for other characters who can help or hinder you. You have to collect all seven notebooks and then find the exit to escape.

Using items and strategies

The final step is to use items and strategies to survive and win the game. You can find various items in the school that can help you distract Baldi, slow him down, or escape from him. You can use your mouse wheel or number keys to select an item and your right mouse button to use it. You can also find coins that you can use to buy items from vending machines. Some of the items are B-Soda, quarter, cassette tape, scissors, alarm clock, WD-NoSquee, zesty bar, energy flavored zesty bar, principal's keys, safety scissors, grappling hook, big ol' boots, and dirty chalk eraser. You can also use different strategies to outsmart Baldi and the other characters. For example, you can use the phone in the principal's office to make a loud noise and lure Baldi away from you. You can use the scissors to cut Playtime's jump rope and free yourself from her. You can use the alarm clock to distract Arts and Crafters and prevent him from teleporting you to Baldi. And there are many more.


Baldi's Basics Classic is a meta horror game that parodies 90's edutainment games and subverts your expectations. It is a game that combines nostalgia, humor, absurdity, challenge, and replay value in a unique and enjoyable way. It is a game that you can download and play for free on various platforms and devices. It is a game that you can customize and experiment with different styles and modes. It is a game that you

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