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Is There A Best Buy In Fairbanks Ak WORK

When it comes to the daily commute there is little to complain about if you live in College.Although there are a reasonable amount of job opportunities around here, many people venture into Fairbanks itself to earn their living. College is ideally located on Route 3 that takes you south, almost directly, to Anchorage.

is there a best buy in fairbanks ak

Found in the Borough of Matanuska-Susitna, Gateway is in fact considered part of Anchorage despite being a 45-minute drive north of the city centre. Just 5,610 people call Gateway home and as such, there is very much a village, rural feel to this part of the state.

To top it off, all of the public schools in the top ten schools in Gateway can proudly boast a solid B-rating. This, teamed with the low crime rates, would explain why Gateway has been voted as the best place to raise a family in Alaska.

Sharing a border with College, Ester is a placed as a strong third best place to live in Alaska. With just 3,008 residents, despite the proximity to Fairbanks this neighbourhood falls, undoubtedly, in the rural category.

It is worth mentioning that Ester is officially the second best place to buy a house in Alaska. Understandably so given that median home values in Ester are $193,300, just $14,700 above the national median.

Crime levels in Soldotna are well below the national average making this town perfect for families. Add into the mix great public schools, reasonable job opportunities and lots of social activities too, there is little to find fault with in Soldotna.

It is not uncommon to find the state capitol missing out on a place in the top five best places to live and Juneau, Alaska is no exception. With a population of 32,000 people, we have definitely ventured back into the city limits.

Ranking well within the top ten best places to buy a house, raise a family and with access to some of the best public schools in the state, there is only one real downside to Kenai. That downside is the crime levels, a phase of motor vehicle thefts and home burglaries have skewed the crime statistics somewhat. Locals, on the other hand, consider Kenai a happy, safe and peaceful place to live.

If you were to ask someone on the street to name a city in Alaska, it would be a safe bet to put money on their answer being Anchorage. Encompassed by the Kenai Fjords National Park and the Chugach National Forest, there are so many opportunities to explore from Anchorage.

Palmer has been named as the second best place for Millennials in Alaska. House prices here are some of the most reasonable in the state and with median rent being bang on the national average of $920 a month, there are few reasons not to love Palmer.

With the majority of the town spanning across the Gulf of Alaska, there are plenty of sea view properties in Kodiak. Be warned, however, the winter wind blows this way, so if you feel the cold think about moving in somewhere set back from the water a little to get the best of both worlds.

No, not the actual North Pole! This North Pole can be found along Route 2. Famed for its Christmas decorations that illuminate the city the whole year round. A great place for kids, there is a Santa Claus House. There are references to Christmas everywhere, will you move into a house on Mistletoe Lane? Or Kringle Drive, perhaps?

Despite the community feel there is an underlying drug issue in the area what would explain the number of burglaries. Despite this, residents say they genuinely feel safe, children happily play outdoors unsupervised and the police are very much part of the community.

Last but not least is the city of Fairbanks. 32,193 people call this place home and it is a wonderful place to live. Offering parents some of the best schools in the state for their little ones, from elementary level, onto middle school and then high school, kids in Fairbanks receive a top notch education.

Most big-ship and luxury cruise lines send at least one cruise ship to Alaska every summer. Some of the best Alaska cruise lines are Holland America and Princess because they have especially long histories in the region and offer cruises, as well as cruise and land tour combinations, on multiple ships each season.

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